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地熱模擬軟體TOUGH 2 訓練課程和流體力學模擬 1 Fractured Reservoir Simulation 基礎

【時間】- (1) 5/17-18兩天9:00-17:00

【地點】- 臺灣大學地質科學系

【繳費期限】- 2022-05-11 23:59:59

地熱模擬軟體TOUGH 2 訓練課程和流體力學模擬(1)
Fractured Reservoir Simulation (基礎)

        : 吳玉樹教授(Colorado School of Mines)
課程描述:TOUGH2 全名為未飽和地下水流及熱傳輸(Transport Of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat),源自美國勞倫斯柏克萊國家實驗室(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,LBNL) Pruess (1983)所發展出的地熱模擬程式稱之為MULKOM,經多次修改後發展為TOUGH程式(Pruess, 1987)。本訓練課程先從基礎的Fractured Reservoir Simulation先上,然後再TOUGH2 Simulator and Application。內容涵蓋基本概念和應用,並介紹EOS3模組的開發、理論、方法和應用等方面,以及地熱儲集層的數值模擬和未來發展等。
上課時間:(1) 5/17-18兩天9:00-17:00
上課費用: NT$6, 000
上課內容Fractured Reservoir Simulation (基礎)
Chapter 1. Introduction to Numerical Reservoir Simulation
  • Introduction
  • History, development and advance
  • Current status and future direction
  • Objectives and scope
Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Porous Media Flow, Fluid/Rock Properties, and Phase Behavior
  • Basic reservoir-engineering concepts, fluids/rocks and porous media
  • Fluid and rock properties
  • Wettability, relative permeability, and capillary pressure
  • Porous media flow, diffusion and mass transport                 
Chapter 3. Governing Equations for Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media
  • Physical processes and driving mechanisms for fluid flow in porous media
  • Advective, diffusive and dispersive flow and transport
  • Darcy’s law and its extension for description of porous media flow
  • Mathematical models and flow governing equations
  • Physical constraints and constitutive correlations
  • Saturation and volume constraints
  • Capillary pressure functions
Chapter 4. Numerical Model and Formulation
  • Introduction to numerical methods
  • Finite difference method
  • Integrated finite difference method
  • Finite element method
  • Generalized numerical discretization for single-phase and multiphase flow in porous media
  • Numerical solution scheme
  • Treatment of initial and boundary conditions
  • First-type boundary conditions
  • Flux-type boundary conditions
  • Well treatment
  • Model verification and validation
Chapter 5. Fractured Reservoir Simulation
  • Introduction – history of fractured reservoir simulation
  • Physical and conceptual models for flow in fractured porous media
  • Generalized numerical model and solution
  • Discrete equations
  • Treatment of fracture-matrix interaction
  • Model application
  • Discrete fracture model
  • Double-porosity model
  • MINC approach
  • EDFM approach
  • Summary

  1. 上課需自備電腦設備
  2. 【Fractured Reservoir Simulation (基礎)課程】及【TOUGH2 Simulator and Application課程】課後都會有中英文上課證明
報名截止時間: 111年5月10日
聯絡人:邱玉嵐  yulanchiu@ntu.edu.tw