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【研討會訊息】2020 AGU session announcement- T003 - Arc-Continent Collision Systems: the Rock Record, Strain Distribution and Plate Interactions

今年的AGU fall meeting因受全球化COVID-19的影響,將改以線上會議進行為主(主要會議:12月7日至11日;延伸會議:12月1日至17日),所有費用(包含報名費)將有50%或其他折扣,參加會議的費用將大幅降低。在七月初剛結束的JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting,也以線上會議進行,會議中大幅利用虛擬會議的優勢,使用electronic poster (iPoster) 及 Discussion Forum (DFS)等資源。我們希望在各種數位平台的幫助下,鼓勵來自世界各地關注於弧-陸碰撞造山帶的研究工作,並期盼可以與您分享傑出的成果。
Dear Earth scientists:
This year's AGU fall-meeting, because of the COVID-19, will be held online. The primary meetings are from 7-11 December, and the extending events will be held from 1-17 December. All the fees including the registration fee will have 50% off or other discounts. At the beginning of July, the JpGU-AGU Joint meeting was also held online, using digital platforms such as electronic poster (iPoster) and online Discussion Forum (DFS). We hope with the help of the digital platforms, our global community for Earth and Space sciences will stay strong. We welcome all researchers of the Arc-Continent Collision System around the world to join us, we look forward to communicating and sharing knowledge with you.
Abstract Submission open until 29 July

Session Title:
T003 - Arc-Continent Collision Systems: the Rock Record, Strain Distribution and Plate Interactions
Arc-continent collisions unite separate blocks of the lithosphere and have been important in understanding past and present plate motions as well as the growth and decay of orogenic belts. Detailed petrological, structural and geochronological studies have yielded significant advancements in understanding this fundamental tectonic environment through time and space. In recent years, a wide range of new observations have been integrated with plate motion reconstructions and studies of mantle dynamics and surface processes, providing a more wholistic view of arc-continent collision processes. Here, we seek oral and poster presentations of integrative studies of modern or ancient arc-continent collisions.
Gong-Ruei Ho, Academia Sinica
Timothy B Byrne, University of Connecticut
Gaku Kimura, The University of Tokyo
Jian-Cheng Lee, Academia Sinica