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The International Conference of Gas Geochemistry (ICGG) – 14th

Dear colleagues,

The International Conference of Gas Geochemistry (ICGG) is an international forum where the latest research and technological advances related to gas geochemistry are presented and discussed. This is the 14th meeting of the ICGG series which started in 1982 to unite experts in gas geochemistry, working on various geological and environmental issues. The 14th ICGG is going to be held in Wrocław & Świeradów, Lower Silesia Province, Poland on September 24 to 28, 2017, followed by a field trip on September 28 to October 1, 2017. This is a friendly reminder on the abstract submission deadline for the ICGG-14 2017 which will be shortly approaching on April 15, 2017.

ICGG-14 will cover all the main scientific topics associated with gas geochemistry (carbon dioxide, methane, gaseous hydrocarbons, nitrogen, oxygen, noble gases (helium, radon etc.) from the perspective of different geosystems (e.g. volcanic-geothermal systems, sedimentary basins/petroleum reservoirs, crystalline rocks, ophiolites, submarine environment, ground waters) as well as cross-cutting topics (gas origin and migration, Earth evolution and degassing, natural hazards, environmental monitoring, palaeoclimate reconstructions, new techniques and measurements).


Scientific topics:

  1. Radon in environment
  2. Gases in Volcanoes and Geothermal systems
  3. Gases in Petroliferous Sedimentary Basins and Reservoirs
  4. Gases in Groundwater and Crystalline rocks
  5. Gases migration and mechanism and Earth Degassing
  6. Noble Gases Applications
  7. Gases and Geo-hazards
  8. Shale Gas and Tight Gas
  9. Gases Measurements and Techniques
  10. Deep and High Maturated Gases
  11. Coal-derived Gases and Coalbed Methane
  12. CO2 and Greenhouse Gases

If your research relates to the fields mentioned above, we cordially invite you to join us. For more details can be found on:

For info on how to submit an Abstract, you can visit the web-site:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.


Ching-Chou Fu | Institute of Earth Sciences, AS:

Hope to see you in Poland.